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Professional Portraiture & Photojournalism for Teens (Ages 13 - 17)


Art Intersection
207 N Gilbert Rd, Ste 201 85234 Gilbert United States
Instructors: Art Intersection Staff
Tuesday, June 21 & Thursday, June 23, 10am - 5pm
$195 Public

This two-day workshop focuses on the fundamentals of lighting, camera functions, and composition used in the world of commercial photography. Whether it’s for a future career in portraiture or photojournalism, this workshop prepares you with the tools you need. You’ll hear from and work with professionals in their fields as they share their expertise in the lighting studio and on the streets. From getting the perfect shot to producing a finished image, you will enhance your shooting and editing skills to work like the pros!

This camp is highly recommended for any student involved in yearbook or school news photography, those interested in taking portraits for events, friends, or family, and those pursuing a future career in commercial photography.

Each student will leave with... http://artintersection.com/event/professional-portraiture-and-photojournalism-for-teens/