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Wesak Full Blue Moon – Sound & Pranic Healing


Gilbert Yoga
6 E Palo Verde St, Ste 11 85296 Gilbert United States
Join Gretchen Bickert and her Gongs, multiple Tibetan and Crystal bowls and chimes for a very special Wesak Celebration sound healing layout – while Cassandra performs Pranic Healing on each participant, balancing, cleansing and energizing the chakras.

Each year the Wesak cycle is a unique time, as we are called to devote ourselves to Spirit ~ to the Divine, as expressed by The Buddha. On this Taurus Full Moon, Buddha’s birth, death and enlightenment is celebrated by people all over the world. Join with us as we allow the energetic outpouring of blessings is showered upon us.

The Wesak Festival is a display of spiritual unity: The Buddha, the Light, bestows the blessing from Shamballa on all humanity. The Ascended Masters join us and shower us with their blessings. This is a most auspicious time for humanity and our spiritual growth, and offers an opportunity to recognize the Essential Divinity in all beings of all faiths.

This full moon in Taurus is the third of four full moons to take place in between the March 2016 equinox and the June 2016 solstice. That makes the May 21 full moon a Blue Moon! Known at the Full Flower moon, it carries beauty, grace, sweetness and abundance. It presents a wonderful opportunity to meditate and honor the blessings that come to all of humanity at this time. It is especially important now to appreciate the unity in our diversity as groups of all faiths, everywhere on the planet, unite to invoke the Divine. In the Wesak event, the synthesis of Love and Will is further manifested in our world.

Join us on this special evening as we celebrate the Buddha Full moon with the healing sound frequencies accompanied by Pranic Healing. $20 cash at door, Saturday 21 May from 2:30 – 3:45. Please arrive 15 minutes early to prepare your space. Blankets and bolsters are available.

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